I will be a Judicial candidate for the

282nd Judicial District Court  this 2022 Primary Election.


I want to  bring serious  needed  changes to the 282nd Judicial District Court,

and those changes  include but  are not limited to:


I will allow attorneys to see their clients in the courtroom, especially on plea dates;

your recent Judge does not allow this which violates attorney-client privilege.


I will administer justice in the 282nd to all parties with a courteous demeanor,

which is presently unknown in this court.


I will respect the entire District Attorney’s office; these attorneys are shown a lack of

respect by the present Judge.


I will be efficient and time conscious with daily courtroom business. Currently this Court has lawyers sit online for hours waiting for their cases to be called for a plea or any simple  routine matter.  It is not  uncommon for lawyers to wait all morning in one court, then be told the docket is

being continued or to ‘come back’ after lunch.  


I will strive to get the many excellent defense attorneys who have opted out of working in the

282nd back into the 282nd court to help the indigent who need excellent representation.

The recent Judge’s rudeness has eliminated many

attorneys from taking cases in this court.  


I will not put people in jail longer,  just because they refer to me as

“Judge” instead of “Your Honor”. This action is an

ABUSE OF POWER by the present Judge.


I will allow public defenders a place to work where they will be respected as attorneys

and as human beings. Presently the Public Defenders office will not appoint attorneys

to the 282nd because the current Judge treats them with great disdain.


 I will not place religious symbols in the courtroom for all jurors and others to see.


I will respect bailiffs so they will want to work in the 282nd Judicial District Court. A large percentage of bailiffs who diligently protect the courtroom do not want to work in the 282nd.


I will not hold court appointed payments to lawyers for weeks and months at a time. It is

completely unfair to attorneys who do appointed work for a living. 


I need your support

 I want your support 

and  today  I am  asking that  all of you to  vote for me

Teresa Hawthorne  this next Primary Election.

Please work hard  to help me get votes from you neighbor, friends and relatives.

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Brief let me be!

My fellow citizens,


The 282nd Judicial District Court ( a felony criminal court)  needs a change in leadership.


Please read my formal announcement & resume  included in my website.


Remember it is wonderful when Judges are involved in the community,  showing up for social functions  and having their picture made with so many citizens.


But ask yourself, how does this Judge manage her court? What is her demeanor  in the courtroom? Does she show up for work? Are your tax dollars being used efficiently?


You may just  discover a totally different person presiding on the bench than the one who presents herself  to the community.


Before you vote for any elected Judge , take time to ask questions to attorneys who work in her  court and to any personnel who are affiliated in any way with her court.


The 282nd Judicial District Court needs a change




For Judge

282nd Judicial District Court

tjhattorney@aol.com or 214-724-5498

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 31 years combined experience as Criminal Defense Attorney &   State District Judge


Received  from the Gulf Coast Advocacy Center in Houston the Prestigious Fragile Gavel Award; an award presented to courageous jurists who have the integrity to faithfully and strictly follow the spirit and letter of the Constitution with disregard for their own political fortunes


   Judge  Teresa Managed ATLAS COURT (Achieving True Liberty & Success

A Special Mental Health Court


Received the Women of Wisdom Award from Elite News


Recognized by Dallas Observer as one of Dallas Metro’s Most Interesting Characters


Has been endorsed by the Dallas Bar Association as QUALIFIED  for the JUDICIARY


 Presided over many jury trials including  but not limited to  Capital Murders.


Experience with Legal Research &  writing   Appellate Briefs.


 Supports Bail Reform and   integrating  defendants  back into society by helping  with job searches and housing 


Teresa believes rehabilitation does not come overnight & that prison is not the remedy especially  for non-violent offenders


Judge Hawthorne believes  defendants should be released  early from probation if they are doing well.


Teresa is adamant  that  time served on court costs & fines is appropriate and  that  lowering  probation fees when necessary helps  defendants with life’s necessities


Teresa’s “Open Door Policy” was for everyone and  wanted Probationers to have access  to her at any time with any problems they may encounter while on probation


 When asked by the DMN if there is room for Grace in the Justice System, she responded with, “There is no Justice without Grace.”


 Supports  all victims  rights and their efforts of recovery


Has  given life sentences to the most violent offenders;  she knows when to rehabilitate and when to incarcerate


Former & Past member of many legal organizations


 Volunteer work includes but is not limited to Speaking at Schools regarding the importance of an education, staying drug free, and by providing & collecting a variety of school supplies for as many students as possible


 Judge Hawthorne Grew up in Garland; Graduated from Garland High School where she was a cheerleader and a class Vice President;  upon graduation from college  she  taught  High School  English ;  was the  Senior Class Sponsor  &  the Girls Head Athletic Coach at North Garland High School before attending Law School


JD St. Mary’s School of Law

Bachelor & Masters of Science:  Texas A & M Commerce

Published Masters Thesis

Studied  Law in Innsbruck Austria


Teresa is passionate about justice; her pets, her family; her friends & helping others with life’s struggles; she believes that listening, loving & understanding each other is the purpose of life .